Branch of the Year GAM 2017
March 2017
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Our Vision Is To Be The Preffered Branch Of Choice That Will Provide The Region With The Best Customer Centric Experience At Every Customer Touch Point.
The Eagle Branch Has a Commitment To Produce And Develop A Leading, Profitable, Dynamic, Customer Centric Organization With A Focus On Adding Value And Exceeding The Expectations Of All Our Stakeholders, Along The Insurance/Financial Services Value Chain.
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Branch of the Year GAM 2017


Kelvin Regisford Eagle Branch - Branch of the Year for GAM 2017

Eagle Branch Cooler Vybz 2018

Cooler vybz 2018........ This will be Lit.... don't miss out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fire Insurance Fund

Commercial Fire


Items Covered: (Commercial Property (Manufacture; Merchandisers and Service Companies) Note Commercial Fire will not cover Personal property). 

1. Building 

2. Stock in Trade 

3. Fixtures and Fittings; Furniture 

4. Plant and Equipment


Perils Covered: -  

1. Basic 

(a) Fire 

(b) Lighting 

(c) Explosion of Gas


2. Nature 

(a) Flood 

(b) Hurricane, Tornados, Windstorm 

(c) Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption


3. Social Perils  

(a) Riot and strike 

(b) Malicious Damage 


4. Chemical Nature 

(a) Explosion

(b) Spontaneous Combustion

(c) Subterranean Fire


5. Miscellaneous Perils

1. Impact

2. Burst Pipe

3. Bush Fire

4. Smoke Damage



Major Extensions: -

1. Extension of Premises (Value Chain)

10 % Sum Assured

  • Suppliers
  • Transit
  • Exhibition Sit
  • Customers 

2. Temporary Removal

10 % Sum Assured

  • For Cleaning
  • Renovating
  • Repairs 

3. Property Acquisition (or Capital Addition)

10% Sum Assured

Newly Acquired:

1. Plant

2. Building

3. Machinery


4. Public Authorities

        10 % Sum Assured

  • Cost of Reinstatement
  • Replacement


5. Architects and Surveyors Fees (Removal of Debris)

        See Household Policy 


6. Landlords / Tenants Clause

        Risk Changes by:

1. Landlord

2. Tenant

Notifies Insurer to increase coverage


7. Malicious Damage by Burglars

8.Caused by forcible entry

9. 5 k < M ≤ 10 K


10. Accidental Damage to Plate Glass

11. Damage to Glass and Frame work


12.Reinstatement Memorandum


13. Replacement old for New


14. Stock Declaration


15. ↑↓ Stocks (Declared to Insure)

16. Sum Assured =Max Premium ↑ Stock / 12 = Average ↓ Premium

17. If Average Premium < Provision Premium = Refund Required


Underwriting Factors

(a) Trade; Business; Occupation

(b) Age and Construction of Building

(c) Maintenance of Premises

(d) Age; Construction and Occupation of Adjacent (next door building)

(e) Proper maintenance of Books of Accounts

(f ) Financials ; Profits; meeting obligations +

(g) How Appliances, devices etc are protected

(h) Perils for which cover is required

(i) Claims / Loss history

(j) Insurance History