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Branch of the Year GAM 2017


Kelvin Regisford Eagle Branch - Branch of the Year for GAM 2017

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Risk Management Services





The Nature of Risk

(a) Definition of Risk

(b) Types of Risk

(c) Risk Transfer Mechanism



Definition of Risk:-  

1. Risk exist when the outcome is uncertain (i.e. uncertainty of the future)

2. Risk exist when an outcome or occurrence may leave families and businesses in a worst position than they were at the moment.


Types of Risk:-  


1.Speculative Risk

This will involve (3) possible outcomes: 

1. Gain 


3. Breakeven

If an outcome occur.


2.Pure Risk

This will involve (1) possible outcome:

1. Loss

i.e. - Has not element of Gain

      -  Involve no loss if it doesn’t occur

      -  Involve a loss if it occurred. 


3. Particular Risk

This type of Risk affect 

1. Individuals or Groups

 (a) Critical Illness

 (b) Disability

  • Death


4. Fundamental Risk

This type of Risk affect

1. Communities

2. Countries

3. Regions

4. The World

  E.g. Earthquake; War; Famine


The Personality of Risk


1. Frequency

This type reflects the possibility of occurrence. 

 2. Severity

This type reflects the amount or the extent of damage or risk should a loss occur. 


Risk Transfer Mechanism


Risk Transference: 

1. This is the transfer of Risk through the pooling or accumulation of Funds.


Risk Reduction:

Insurance helps to reduce or illuminate the uncertainty w.r.t possible financial loss;

 1. By spreading the risk of loss from one (1) person to a large number of persons through the pooling of PREMIUMS.

 2. Pooling – Risk transfer mechanism allows for loses to rest on the fortunate many rather than heavily on the unfortunate few.



Risk (Transfer) Premium – Cost                       Loss/ Coverage/Premium