Branch of the Year GAM 2017
March 2017
GAM Branch Of The Year
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Our Vision Is To Be The Preffered Branch Of Choice That Will Provide The Region With The Best Customer Centric Experience At Every Customer Touch Point.
The Eagle Branch Has a Commitment To Produce And Develop A Leading, Profitable, Dynamic, Customer Centric Organization With A Focus On Adding Value And Exceeding The Expectations Of All Our Stakeholders, Along The Insurance/Financial Services Value Chain.
Kelvin Regisford Eagle Branch (*Help Someone*) Foundation
A Non-Profitable Organization
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Branch of the Year GAM 2017


Kelvin Regisford Eagle Branch - Branch of the Year for GAM 2017

Eagle Branch Cooler Vybz 2018

Cooler vybz 2018........ This will be Lit.... don't miss out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Code Of Ethics

Code Of Conduct/Behavior Guidelines


1.  Have Mutual Respect for Each Other’s Ideas, Views.


2.   Absence of Obscene Language And Pornography in the Workplace at all times.


3.   Open and Honest Relationships Among Members of the Branch are Encouraged


4.   Drinking of Alcohol in the Office is Restricted to after 8 p.m. Monday – Thursdays and After 5 p.m. on Fridays.  Special Occasions Expected.


5.   Confidentiality of a Client’s Information Should be Protected.


6.  Cross Selling Between Two Agents Clients Should not Occur for All Lines of Business.  Should it Occur, There Should be Consultations Between Said Agents.  Failure To Reach An Amicable Agreement, The Manager Becomes the Final Arbitrator.


7.   Members are Encouraged To Conduct Their Affairs In a Professional Manner i.e. maintain platonic relationship, Appearance (Professionally Dressed), Communication, Level of Maturity, and Full Compliance To The Philosophy Of The Branch. (Avoid Jeans unless otherwise informed).


8.     Everyone is entitled to their own Religious, Political and Ethical views, once they do not impose it on others


9.     All Agents and Staff are Expected to Respect and Recognize all Lines of Authority in the Branch, Company and Group.


10.   Please note that the office is to be treated as a place of work only (unless other wise requested).  loud speaking should be discouraged since everyone is entitled to privacy espiceally if others are on the telephopne or if a client is in the office.


11.    agents and staff are expected to maintain and have respect for each other at all times.  please note that both agents and staff should refrain from encouraging in any activity or conversation either directly or indirectly that will defame or deteoriate the working relation in the office.


12.  Punctuality and attendance to the branch meetings (at all levels) and branch activities are expected, unless notification is given in advance by the said agent, staff or manager.  should any agent or staff plans to be out of office for at least three (3) or more days at a time, communication to be given in writing for same in advance.


13.          Please note that the office is not to be viewed or used as a market place; and as such if any merchandisor whether agent or other should have any product or service to sell, to the agent and/or staff population, the branch management should be informed in advance.